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Code of conduct: customer first, honest, efficient, agile new win-win cooperation

Service concept: to create value for customers to create value for themselves.


Yanggong tool of customer service is a customer-centric, with high efficiency, for the whole process of operation, to serve the emotional, standardization and specialization for the direction of the strong competitiveness of the service system, the company in product pre-sale and sale each link the software and hardware construction, the pursuit of continuous improvement. In the service of information construction, the company implemented CRM customer relationship management system, establish a unified platform for customer relationship management, customer resources, market research, sales process, customer service management to seek the best mode of operation, the use of scientific analysis method, a complete record of service process, reduce the cost for the enterprise and provide comprehensive solutions to improve customer satisfaction. In terms of service facilities, the company planning "global service delivery center", the center as a customer service platform Yanggong tool company, including customer service training center, spare parts distribution center, providing hardware facilities and logistics support for global services.


To review the past, look to the future, Yang tool with broad market full of opportunities and challenges, for the stable and rapid expansion of the market space, to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, in order to make the company's products and services to reach the international advanced level, the construction will continue to improve the service network, excellent the service team, modern information technology, perfect service facilities, provide strong support for the build tool service brand of Yang, Yang tools is the focus on the future, writing a magnificent chapter in the development of.

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